SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

Over past few years, wide gulf in values, work preferences and lifestyles has been observed between traditionalists and modernists. As a result educational system is also influenced and two systems of education in terms of medium of instruction and curriculum prevail in Pakistan; the private English medium schools and the official Urdumedium schools.
In the context of quality, it has long been realized that curriculum in Pakistan is overextended, rigid and inflexible. For each province, a standard syllabus has been designed which is applicable to the entire community except private schools. The importance of curriculum can be realized through its power to transfer cultural values and reinforcement of the ideologies of a nation.
Keeping in mind the importance of curriculum; you are supposed to perform following activity.

Take 5th grade Urdu textbooks of both public and private schools and, compare and contrast the content of these textbook, after that:
Analyze the quality of both textbooks content in terms of ideologies promoted in the content and, further on the basis of analysis, suggest any change which you would like to incorporate in both prospectuses. (10)


We just have to compare (content & contrast) of both public and private school’s book (urdu) of 5th grade and then after analyze both text books we have to suggest what changings are required.

So we can start our question like, after analyze, will give some description about private school’s book and also what changings are required then will explain public school’s book of urdu


Class V Books (Beaconhouse School System)


1.Reading Comprehension and Grammar for Class 5 Rs.330
Readers:The Magic Orange Tree-Jamila Gavin Rs.145
The Mystery for you and the Tiger Team-Thomas Brezina Rs.195

1.UMN (BSS)-pack of 8 Readers 8@50 Rs.400
Mairi Kitaab Panjum Rs.31

Mathematics NCGM Level 6 Textbooks 1&2 Rs.385

1.Science Direction Book 5 (Beaconhouse edition 2009)Rs.355

Islamiat Rs.23