SOC101 Introduction to Sociology GDB Solution Spring 2013

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08 July, 2013 At 12:00 A.M. (Mid-Night)

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09 July, 2013 At 11:59 P.M. (Mid-Night)

Topic/Area for Discussion: “Social Institutions”


Social institution can play an important role in making any country stronger. If the country has weak institutions than it will be very hard for the nation to survive with out any problems and difficulties. Instead of strong institutions, we have strong Persons. The only way Pakistan can progress is my making its institutions strong by converting it truly into welfare state. Strong institutions means end of corruption, rule of law all problems mentioned below are by product of weak institutions. While the progressing countries have only one thing in common they all have strong institutions. They prefer merit instead of personal satisfaction which ultimately results in frustration among People.
2. Illiteracy
3. Corruption
3. Terrorism/sectarianism
4. Foreign debt
5. Restoration/promotion of democracy results in Weak Institutions
6. Water crisis
7. Lack of leadership
8. Population explosion
9. Pollution
10.provincial disharmony?

All these problems are the result of weak social institutions when family institution will be weaker than it will produce the disorganized members of society and than they will can not give their best in other social institutions of Pakistan. When one institution will be affected than the chain of disorganized society will keep moving and in every aspect of society weakness will occurs and will result in destabilizing of country.
Social institutions and its importance are not known by every one. But really what actually social institution is.
Each society has its own social institutions. These are not buildings or places, but structures of relationship, obligation, role and function. These are social concepts and practices, but also involve cognitive structures. Members of a society have a similar mental concept of right and wrong, order and relationships, and patterns of good (positive values). Those who do not honor these concepts are “criminals,” or at least antisocial.
There are five social institutions on which society revolves and if any of the institution become weak that it result in destruction and disturbance of society.