SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Quiz 4 Fall 2012

Member of an NGO is an example of:
Which theoretical approach points to the ways in which working women is linked to social inequality?
A: The social-conflict approach
Which of the following prohibit marriage between certain close relatives?
A: folkways
Which one of the following is a device for comparing what is observed and what is logically expected?
A: Research
Culture includes:
A: What we think, how we act and what we own
The violation of norms is usually known as:
A: Deviance
Which one of the following is a product of patterned behaviors of society?
A: culture
Which one of the following is NOT a function of deviance?
A: Deviance promotes social change

Akbar is an honors student. In sociological terms, being an honors student is an example of which of the following?
A: Achieved status
Some studies have shown some correlation between increases in female criminality with
A: Women equality
Small social group whose members share personal and enduring relationships are known as:
A:A primary group
Pollution leading to physical harm/death, and there are side effects of drugs as well as contraceptives. Such crimes are often seen as
A: organized
In rural area, important elements of social stratification is:
A; education
Which type of marriage limits marriage prospects to others of the same age, race, religion, or social class?
A: Endogamy
Sociology differs from common sense that
A: its foucs on researcher’s research.