SOC101 VU Assignment No. 1 Spring 2012 Solution

1. Name individual’s group identity and type of groups presented in each case. Give logical reasons for the selected groups from sociological perspective.

Well, in my opinion in the first case, there isn’t a group. Because these three persons have met in a bus. One of them is not even participating in the conversation. Two of them shared a common interest but no personal attachment.
In second case, the two departments are secondary groups. Then the teams that are formed are also secondary groups because they have only teamed up for a particular purpose and for a short time.
In the third case, it’s a primary group. Because it’s a family and they all share a personal relationship with each other. Quiad-e-azam is a reference individual because the person takes him as role model and wants to be like him.

2. After attempting Q1, What do you think that both group identities and inter group relations are important for an individual in society or Not?

It’s important to have social groups because an isolated person cannot grow mentally and psychologically. Different kinds of groups help us develop our personalities and our mental well-being.