SOC101 VU Assignment No 2 Spring 2012 Solution

Nabeel has an unsettled childhood and became a disturbed young boy (18 years old). He had allegedly been sexually abused from an early age and was seeing a psychiatrist and taking the medication at the time of his arrest. Nabeel was depressed, had begun to self harm and has periodic suicidal thoughts.
On 30 November, 2011, he was voluntarily taken into the care of social services and placed in a young hostel. Six days later, he went out with a group of young boys and was found involved in a series of mobile phone robbery. He was subsequently arrested and charged with robbery. Both victims and other witnessed accepted that Nabeel’s involvement in the incident was peripheral; there was no suggestion that he had used or threatened violence. As the robbery trial date draw near, Nabeel became more depressed and agitated. Two week before his court appearance he smashed his face with a knife more than 30 times. The Justice sentenced Nabeel a two years detention and training order with an appeal to authorities to draw their attention on such cases.
During his short time in sentence he was kept in a virtual seclusion and was not offered any meaningful activity. A lack of close observation and unsafe conditions in cell meant that he was able to hang himself from a sheet tied to the bars of his windows. He was just nine days into his prison sentence……………..
In the light of given scenario, answer the following questions:
1. Do you think that Nabeel was a criminal? If yes, why? 3

Yes Nabeel is a criminal as he is involved in mobile phone robbery

2. Whether the criminal activity was related to gender, race or age? Justify your answer. 3

No the criminal activity was NOT related to gender, race or age.

3. Under which school of thought (Sociological, Psychological, and Biological) you would explain Nabeel’s case? 7

Psychological school of thought.

4. How do you see the discriminatory behavior of law enforcement and social services agencies? What should be an appropriate behavior to deal with such cases? Evaluate the role of Social institutions in this regard. 7

Social institutes like NGO should help Nabeel in helping him to improve his psychological condition.