SOC401 Cultural Anthropology GDB 2 Solution Spring 2013

According to political theorists, political organization is influenced by self interest whereas other theorists rejects their point of view and emphasis on the coercive factor which stresses some people to surrender their autonomy to the power and authority of the few. Keeping in mind the election 2013 result trends, how do you see contemporary political change in our country? In your opinion what factors lead masses towards the decision of rejecting old ones and choosing new ones? Explain with logic.

Solution: Political institutions play a critical role in governing relations within and between groups, both domestically and internationally. In the framework of domestic politics, political institutions can work to serve, oppress, or neglect people. On the international stage, they can provide a useful tool for interstate cooperation to either maintain the status quo or alter the current order. Challenged by wars, stagnation, economic shocks, or crises of legitimacy, political institutions are inevitably questioned and face challenges. Both scholars and practitioners hold the responsibility to accurately describe how political institutions function and to suggest how they can be improved.
The goal of this conference is to bring together graduate students active in the fields related to the study of political institutions to promote dialog and scholarly exchange both within and across subfields of political science, examining both the purpose and function of political institutions as well as their potential limitations. We are looking forward to a successful and productive conference.