Social Networks Marketing Engine project in spring 2012

Social Networks Marketing Engine

 Social websites like Face book and Twitter have become very popular recently and they could potentially provide valuable information such as current market trend. The general goal of this project is to understand the underlying social networks, extract useful information, and utilize the collected data in decision making. Here are some issues that can be addressed in the project.

 Here we are aimed to develop a system with high level capability of offering more enhanced marketing support. Here our proposed system will extract useful features regarding customer habits and likes to form a database and offer the related ads or promotions for that category.

Scope of System

System will offer a great deal of capability for more targeting business marketing. Here we will target the products or services to customer with similar behavior, likes and dislikes. This system will be more efficient regarding offering a great deal of support for more enhanced business support for its clients.

System Overview


1. Design a model to capture the structure of a social network.

By crawling social websites, a model about relationship between users can be built. Various statistics can be obtained, such as who the most popular users are. Here we can implement this system to a social network website where we can extract the user likes and dislikes based behavior.


2. Model the spread of information.

By tracking how new topics are discussed between users, one can form models on describing how a new phenomenon is spread in a network, for instance, the awareness of a new gadget such as iPad.


3. Utilize the social structure in decision making.

After learning how information is spread in a network, advertisers can target specific users to promote their products. Moreover, the spread of the opinions of users on a product can be used to give the projection of a product’s sales, which is helpful for making marketing decisions.


Function Requirements

Here are the main functional requirements of the system:

  • System need to extract the required client features, discussions and points from the social network
  • System need to save database
  • System need to categories them on the basis of user behavior/ business needs/ likes/ dislikes
  • System need to develop list of people with similar interest
  • System need to offer a targeted promotional ad to a specific class of users

Non-Functional Requirements

Major non-functional requirements of this system are:

  • Simple system user interface
  • Easy navigation of system
  • Error free system
  • Accurate results development
  • Simple handling of system
  • Greater accessibility
  • User customization support
  • Higher Security for users
  • Systems ¬†reports customization