STA301 VU Current Final Paper Spring 2012

Mcqs=20 marks too much easy and 4rom old papers

subjective questions

1.what s b!as?(2)

2.advantages and disadvantages of medan?(3)

3. Mathematical expecton of discrete random variable?(3)

4.any two properties of mathematical expectation?(2)

5.what s stat!c test?(2)

6. Decide a small sample and large sample?(2)

7.4 questions were numeric 4rom probablty and bnomal dstrbuton?(2 or 3 marks)

8. Calculate the class boundares,class marks and relatve frquencey?(5)

9.2 questions k smagh na aye pata nah kasy kernay thay (5)

10.tell the null and alternative hypothesis of 150?(2)