STA630 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

Q1 -Defination of these (3 marks)
Lack of recogination
job expection
Q2 -Histrical compartive research war independence 1857.
(5 marks)
Q3 -Reseach villagers paticipate physically in festival celebartion. (5 marks)
Q4 -Reasearch loyalty……… (5 marks)
Q5 -one question from mgt 503 Abraham Maslow hiechry theothy (3 marks)

Define coding and types of coding
What is bracketing with regards to historical comparative
How can u make felled work?
Aur aik reference formate main say tha

Q1: briefly explain the importance of measurement & coding in non-reactive research with the help of example?

Q2: Involvement with deviants is the ethical delima of field research ,how would you explain it?

Q3: Read the given information and write the perform a of an unpublished Manuscript.
Author :kashoor, M.A
Title of the manuscript:Training and development in the 900 year of publication 2005)
place of publisher: Virtual University

Q4: What is interpretation with reference to date & what is its purpose?

Q5:How would you explain description statics?

Q6:A prevalent theory is that the diversity of the work force(comprising people of different ethics, origins,races & nationalities) contribute more to organizational effectiveness because each group bring its own special expertise & skills to the work place. This synergy can be exploited, how ever if only manager know how to connect the special talents of the diverse work group; otherwise they will remain un useful . Based on the above given situation identify the following variables.
Dependent , Independent, Moderating