STA630 GDB 1 Solution Spring 2017

The premise

There is no doubt that Middle East is a challenging place for working women.  Mr. Ali is working in Research and Development (R&D) department of a UN (United Nations) in Middle East region. He was assigned to explore why the culture of women empowerment is deteriorating in the region. For this purpose, he conducted focus group discussion with 10 working women for refining the interviews. After that, he interviewed 50 informants (women); working at managerial positions and analyzed the interviews afterwards. The results of the data depicted that circumstances for working women are better than past but still male chauvinism is prevailing in the organizations; even multinational companies are still unable to eradicate this belief.

Point of Discussion:

In the light of above case, classify the study done on the basis of use and the time dimension in Research. Provide sound justification of each stance