STA630 Research Methods Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

An organization recently brought an internal change by implementing the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). After implementation, the organization has been confronted by a series of work related issues and problems by the employees undergone change. The CEO noticed these issues and also noted that employees’ performance has been suffering badly so he decided to conduct a research in order to find out the effectiveness of this implemented change and the reasons behind low performance. Subsequently, he conducted an employee attitude survey, in order to explore employees’ attitude and behavior towards change. He also focused different aspects of job satisfaction, resistance to change, attitude to management, and workplace relation issues. He selected 60 employees who were easily accessible.
Based on the outcomes of the analysis, it was found that employees have been facing both technical as well as emotional issues due to the implemented change, which also affected their performance.
1. On the basis of given scenario, identify the following: i. The Research Problem ii. Independent Variable(s) iii. Dependent Variable(s) iv. Unit(s) of Analysis v. Data Collection Tool vi. The Sampling Technique


Research Problem:-Could be the change made in System (OR) behavior of employee due to new system.

Independent Variable :- are that which do not have any effect on itself instead on other things, so i think it could be the New System.

Dependent Variable :- are those variables which depend on other or which are cause of other variable so  i think it can be Employee

Unit of Analysis :- is the Research being done at country, group or individual level. so it is group level.

Sampling Technique :- i could not yet come to find this one but i have just guess Convenient Sampling.

2. Explain the significance of this research and why the results are useful. Also what is new to our understanding as the result of this research inquiry?

Solution: The particular performed study is indeed really helps to recognize the difficulties or perhaps difficulties which were going through from the staff the particular ECO got excellent and also successful stage regarding efficiency development because the staff efficiency decreases as a result of implantation regarding fresh modify. Not used to our own comprehending will be in which the causes of regarding lower efficiency and also mental concerns have been.