STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution Fall 2017

STA630 (Research Methods)

Topic: Ethical Issue in Research

Total marks: 10

Due date: 22nd November 2017                                                                               

Learning Objective: To make students learn the role of ethics to enhance research authenticity and quality

Learning Outcomes:  It will enable students to learn about the importance of research ethics and how the code of ethics can be considered while doing a research.


A researcher is interested in conducting a study to examine the behaviors and attitudes of people of one particular society/city when they are interacting with each other. To fulfill his objective, he observes people’s/subjects’ interaction by visiting public places such as parks, shopping malls, local markets, beaches, public libraries, religious institutes and restaurants. He secretly observes the behaviors of people by closely watching them, notes down their behaviors and even writes conversation to quote in his study along with their names with whom they call each other. He also takes pictures of people secretly to capture their gestures and emotions to provide a solid ground to data in his research. The researcher collects data only for the study purpose.

Point of discussion

Do you think that the researcher is doing an ethical study? Generate two valid arguments to support your stance.

No the researcher is not doing an ethical study, because according to ethical laws of research
• The experimenter must still inform the participant about the nature of the study, including any risks or harm that the study may create. In addition, inappropriate or excessive inducement is unethical.
• because informed consent to participate is one of the major hallmarks of modern ethical research.