STA630 VU Assignment No 2 Spring 2012 Solution

Federal government took notice of the complaints of females about difficulty in  promotions to top positions in government organizations. The project to conduct a research to find out the actual situation is assigned to your research institute.
Director of your institute, elaborating the project, defined the phenomenon of difficulty in getting promotion to top positions told that “this is called glass ceiling because this is invisible barrier (glass) through which women can see the top positions but cannot gain them.” The decision was to take ten government owned companies across the country for
He also provided a sheet containing the data of these companies. Important data are given below:
You as a part of this research team need to address the following issues and convince team head for your choice and logically support your arguments.

Solution :

Issues Your choice Logic

What should be a research question? And type of question?

Why female face problems or difficulties to reach at top position or getting promotion?

This is fact finding as well as descriptive question.

The research is conducted to find facts about the problems and issues regarding female promotions.
The purpose of research (fact, finding, relationship building, causal) The purpose of conducting such type of research if fact finding. Because research has been conducted to find problems and issue in promotion of females in field of working and finding facts on this issues
Selection of subjects (who will be the respondents, how will you select them, which technique will you use to select the respondents?) Females


Government officials


Because these are effected or creates the situations
Data collection method ( telephonic interview, personal interview and or mixed Data will be collected through personal interviews. For taking interview we should go to market and thus we will also part of the market and we can judge the facts about the environments.