STA630 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

otal question 32
total mcqs 29
3 marks question:
1: report building is the essence of getting true responses of respondent***plain it?

2: Mail questionnaires are cost effective but some time most expenses..commenton that statement?

5 marks question:
1: how is the interval scale are sophisticated then the nominal and ordinalscales

2: as u researcher who employees help you in to complete and co-prated with u

Another Paper::::

there were 32 question includind 28 mCQs mostly from past papers, pecially fromthe last 6 Lectures

2 short question of 3 marks
1: factors of low response of mail questionnaire, how we can increase theresponse rate of mail

2: identify the internal organizational factors of JOB design which can beoperational for research.

2 question of 5 marks each
1: why goodness of measure is important? how we can ensure the goodness of ameasure?

2:a hotel is 10 miles away from the city and have low customer patronage,management is worried about this issue, also hotel has not any marketingefforts,

state the broad problem area>?
state the problem statement>?
identify one dependent and one independent variable for the scenario andjustify the reasons for that?