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PAK301 Assignment 2 Solution fall 2017

How do you see the importance of the Objectives Resolution (1949) in the constitutional history of Pakistan? Justify your answer with any five relevant points. 10 Marks These points are really show the importance of “Objectives Resolution (1949)” Objectives Resolution (1949) importance in Muslims lives is too much because of these mentioned points: It is a […]

CS301 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Question:                                                                                                                                          Marks 20 Data: 4  3  2  8  9  5  11  18  12 Consider the data given above and construct max heaping using step by step construction method. After building max heap show only final tee and array status. Marks 5+5 Use same data given above and construct max heap after Heapify whole tree at […]

ACC501 Business Finance Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

The Case: Mr. Imran wants to establish a business of manufacturing spare parts of 70cc motorcycle. He estimates a start-up cost of business with heavy machinery of worth Rs. 30 million. He further projects that the revenue (before tax and depreciation) from the business will be Rs. 8 million for the first year and it […]

PSY101 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2017

Q1. (1) What is the significance of need for affiliation in your life ? Discuss keeping in view all your relationships ?  Affiliation: *it is required for association *It offers social bonds which is important for survival and reproductive benefits *affiliation is important for close friendship through which we can share our problems and enjoy […]

PHY301 Circuit Theory Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2017

Q: 1: Using superposition find a) the current through  the 4-W resistor due to the voltage source b) the current through  the 4-W resistor due to the current source Draw and label the circuit diagram, otherwise you will lose your marks. Write each step of calculation and also mention the units of each derived values. […]

PHY101 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2017

Question # 1 A video game console operates potential difference of 12.00 V as shown in fig. The potential difference supplied by the power receptacle is 120 V AC. A transformer is used to convert one voltage to the other. If the secondary coil of the transformer (the 12.00 V side) has 1200 loops, how […]

IT430 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this assignment is to; Learn and practice basic concepts styling using CSS. Learn the basic concepts of Java Script and use of functions. Learn to use different class of CSS. Create interactive button. ASSIGNMENT: Below are the two screenshots, the first one is taken before pressing the button and the second […]

CS607 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

  Question No. 01 You are required to write down the commands to add the following facts to the fact list in CLIPS. Education Loans Semester Create Websites Good Luck Categories Artificial Intelligence Best Friend Builders Computer Programming Student (Ali) Rollnumber (mcxxxxxx) Note: Here you write your own name and vu student id as a fact […]

CS601 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Question No.1:                                                                                                        12 Marks Consider a noisy channel, which has a bandwidth of 400KHz and theoretical channel capacity of 4.01Mbps (according to Shannon Capacity formula).  Calculate the Signal Power received at the receiver end if the Noise Power is .001 Watt. Also calculate the signal to noise ratio of the channel in dB (SNRdB).        […]

CS508 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Question No 1: Suppose a textile company “Grace Textile” human resource (HR) department. It has total 80 employees in 3 different branches. Employees are of 3 categories: Internees, Contract and Permanent employees. Internees have internship of 6 months with fixed salary i.e, 20 thousand. Salaries are calculated on basis of grades. Both contract and permanent […]