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CS101 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

You are required to write HTML with Java Script code to create VU Sign Up web page shown as below:  Solution Guidelines: Create Heading “VU Sing Up Form” using H1 tag. Create text boxes for Name and Father Name and show your own name and father name as default value. Next you will be required to create […]

CS101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Q1: You have to write the HTML code for creating a web page as shown in the following screenshot. You have to write your own VUID using <h1> tag, Name using <h2>tag and URL link of VU website using <h3> tags. Create a table with your semester, Degree Program and all semester course codes. First […]

CS101 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Note:  Students are required to submit HTML code file only with .html extension.Don’t upload word format file(.doc) etc. You are required to write HTML with Java Script code to create Weight Converter Calculator web page which can be used to convert values entered in Kilo Gram to Gram, Pounds, Milligrams, US tons and Ounces respectively. Solution […]

CS101 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2017

Suppose a university offers admissions in different disciplines. To facilitate far flung areas students, the administration decided to make an online webpage through which students can get registered online. You as a web programmer need to design a webpage having an interactive form which will accept necessary bio data of the student. The sample webpage […]

CS101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

Assignment No. 01 (Graded) SEMESTER Spring 2017 CS101- Introduction to Computing Total Marks: 20 Due Date:  08/05//2017 Instructions Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment: It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if: The assignment is submitted after due date. The submitted assignment is […]

CS101 Introduction to Computing GDB 2 Feb 2015

GDB Topic:  “HOU SHOP” is an online shopping Mall that deals in electronic and garment products. Mr. Hussain and Mr. Omer are the customer support officers (CSO) of “HOU SHOP”. People get all the required information like, Price, Quantity, size, made, availability of desired product and other needed information online from the website as well as from the CSOs […]

CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

Question 1 Marks 10 Suppose you are a part of a software development team and you are asked to draw a flow chart of algorithm given below. Algorithm’s Details: The given algorithm is taking a number ‘n’ as input from user and print the sum of even and odd numbers from 1 to n. The […]

CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No 1:    Marks 10 As per VU degree requirement, you have started internship in XYZ Internationals Company.  XYZ Internationals is considered as a standard in Web Development and has clients from all over the World. It’s working environment is quite competitive and even as an internee you need to be a useful resource. […]

CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment: Marks 20 You are required to develop a web page which will create an array of strings and then it will sort the array in ascending and descending orders. The number of elements of the array will be specific by the user at run time. Detailed Description: 1. You are required to develop a […]