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FIN623 Taxation Management Final Paper March 2014

Total 60 questions 52 MCQs (Each carrying 1Mark) 3 Short Questions (Each carrying 3Mark) 5 Short Questions (Each carrying 5Mark) Some of the Questions from Today’s paper. Question:- How the registration is made and what are the requirements under sales tax act 1990(5). Question:- Tax treatment of non-adjustable amount f rent with e.g(3) Question:- Depreciation under section 22 […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Final Paper March 2014

informational reports diff b/w good,bad and effective listening how instructions are written topic sentence and its function Questions of 3 marks correction in sentences preperation before speech importance of correctness charts are very informative.explain Questions of marks 2 Define diagram use of ! 1 disadvantage of overblown of presentation