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MTH302 GDB Solution Fall 2017

Q# 1: In a hospital there are 56 TB patients. The patients are grouped with respect to their ages. Class Boundaries Frequency 5-10 8 10-15 9 15-20 15 20-25 10 25-30 8 30-35 6   Find the average (mean) age of the TB patients. Solution : Q# 2: Find the Median and Mode of the […]

CS201 GDB Solution 5 january to 11 January 2018

Suppose you are required to write a C/C++ program for a bank in which all transactions of a day will be compared. Keep in mind a huge volume of transactions per day: Your code should have following features: The processing speed must be high. The logic of the program must be simple. Which decision structure […]

MGMT623 GDB Solution Fall 2017

Question Title: Charismatic Leadership  Question Description Charismatic leaders create a good impression on the employees and have an appealing outlook. But are they worth the job they have been given or they are there just because of their personality? Over the time it has been observed and concerns have been raised that charismatic leaders are often incompetent and […]

STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution Fall 2017

STA630 (Research Methods) Topic: Ethical Issue in Research Total marks: 10 Due date: 22nd November 2017                                                                                Learning Objective: To make students learn the role of ethics to enhance research authenticity and quality Learning Outcomes:  It will enable students to learn about the importance of research ethics and how the code of ethics can be considered while doing a […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB Solution Fall 2017

The premise The software industry has continued to grow over the past decade and now there is a need to provide training to employees in various phases of software life cycle. Swaam Tech. is a software house, providing training on software life cycle to two groups by segregating their personality types. People in group “A” […]

ACC501 Business Finance GDB 1 Solution 2017

Inventory turnover ratio measures the number of times an inventory item is sold or used in during a given time period. Generally, there is no norm for this ratio and it is appreciated to be compared against industry average. A high turnover ratio shows that company is turning its inventory into cash quickly, resulting a […]

CS604 GDB Solution feb 2015

Is it possible to have a deadlock condition with a single process? Explain and justify your answer with reference to deadlock prevention method”. Solution: No, it is not possible to have a deadlock condition in a single process.The deadlock involves a circular “hold-and-wait” condition between two or more processes, so “one” process cannot hold a […]

CS606 GDB Solution feb 2015

“Three types of Intermediate representation (IR) have been discussed in this course and i.e. 1. Graphical IRs 2. Linear IRs 3. Hybrid IRs Selecting an appropriate IR for a compiler is critical step which depends on some important properties of IR. Speed and efficiency of compiler may vary according to these properties. You are required […]