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BNK603 Comsumer Banking GDB Fall 2012 Solution

Topic: Trends of long term fixed-deposits in banking Learning Objective: The objective of this discussion is to enhance the students’ understanding and knowledge about fixed deposit trends in Pakistan. Discussion Question: For last few years, banking sector in Pakistan has changed its shape as banks have become investors instead of lenders. Now a day, banks […]

MGMT625 Change Management (alt. code=HRM625) GDB Solution Fall 2012

A major shift has been observed in the education sector of Pakistan. More and more universities and the educational institutes are investing on their faculty to pursue research in their respective fields. This will ultimately result into a change in this sector. Discuss with logical arguments, whether this change will be first order or second order in nature for the institutions. Solution:    

FIN623 Solution GDB No. 1 Fall 2012

FIN623  Solution GDB No. 1 Fall 2012  Scenario Energy crisis is one of the burning issues for government, media, people and businesses of Pakistan. The situation of electricity has been so exacerbated that industry had to face the toughest time now a days. Shortage in electricity production and keen interest of government for energy projects […]

MKT501 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Scenario  Marketing is everywhere; formally or informally, people and organizations engage in a vast number of activities that we could call marketing. Good marketing has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success. And marketing profoundly affects our day to day lives. It is embedded in everything we do—from the clothes we wear, to the […]

MGT602 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Entrepreneurship MGT602 Graded Discussion Board 1 Objective of discussion The objective of the discussion is to make the students aware of the critical factors affecting business operations that need to be coping with. Expected learning outcomes After attempting this activity, following outcomes are expected. 1. You will learn about the critical factors affecting the business […]

ACC501 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Discussion Question: Shareholders are considered as the owners of a corporation so “wealth maximization of the shareholders” remains one of the main goals of the corporation. Even so, sometimes there may develop a situation when managers pursue their own goals at the expense of shareholders’ goals. This situation of conflict is termed as “Agency Problem”. In this particular situation, agents […]

ISL201 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Sacrifice, as practised by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is an essential religious rite in memory of the sacrifice performed byProphet Abraham. God put Abraham to a most difficult trial, the details of which are described in the Quran. ?O my Lord! Grant me (Abraham) a righteous (son)!? So We gave him the good news of […]

MGT601 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Real time Scenario Most of the businessmen operating in SME sector in Pakistan are blaming government for not providing adequate infrastructure required for smooth business operations and expansions. Sky rocket prices of patrol and transportation and unavailability of electricity is not less than a nightmare for SMEs owners. But this is the one side of […]

MGT502 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Usman wants to be a manager. He enjoyed his courses of accounting, marketing and finance. Each course provided with clear-cut answers to the questions. Now his professor of “Organizational Behavior” course is saying that there are no particular answers when it comes to managing people. Usman is very perplexed because he is thinking that if he […]

MGT211 GDB Solution Fall 2012

SKI Ltd runs an assembly plant for laptop computers. Managers of the company hold a meeting after six months to review current position of the business and the long term plans. Extracts from the most recent meeting are as follow:  Marketing manager said that sales of our latest OLED screen models have exceeded expectations and […]