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CS610 Computer Networks GDB Solution Fall 2013

Scenario: “Social INC is an organization responsible for running Socialbook.com. Socialbook.com is a large social networking website; this website is currently working around the world. For World Wide operations Social INC has launched many large servers around the world. Including Video and Audio streaming servers, data bank servers and Image servers. These servers are attached with different physical networks which may have […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

The construct No one can deny the importance of writing a business plan before actual commencement of business. A good business plan helps entrepreneur in refining the business idea and it becomes mandatory if he/she is planning to take some loan from any financial institution. From financer perspective the business plan is actual business on papers. The business plan has many sections but the general […]

MGT601 SME Management Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Home based business is a small business that operates from the business owner’s home office. Home businesses are usually defined by having a very small number of employees. Family business is a business in which one or more members of one or more families have a significant ownership interest and significant commitments toward the business. Copreneurial business is a […]

CS101 GDB Solution Spring 2012

Semantic Web is an extension of current web in which information is given in well-defined manner and provides better environment enabling computers and people to work in cooperation. Semantic web makes the data process able for machines or computers. Question: In your opinion, can semantic web fit into the “future evolution of internet”? Justify your answer. Solution: The Semantic Web […]