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MGT101 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 8 December 2012

it was too much easy all mcqs were from past papers and material provided Samar was very handy during paper (thanx alot u both). below mentioned are questions from my paper: purchase handling cost to be calculated — 3 marks there were some errors to be rectified into cash account — 3 marks cash account and pass […]

FIN623 Solution GDB No. 1 Fall 2012

FIN623  Solution GDB No. 1 Fall 2012  Scenario Energy crisis is one of the burning issues for government, media, people and businesses of Pakistan. The situation of electricity has been so exacerbated that industry had to face the toughest time now a days. Shortage in electricity production and keen interest of government for energy projects […]

MGT602 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Entrepreneurship MGT602 Graded Discussion Board 1 Objective of discussion The objective of the discussion is to make the students aware of the critical factors affecting business operations that need to be coping with. Expected learning outcomes After attempting this activity, following outcomes are expected. 1. You will learn about the critical factors affecting the business […]

MGT601 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Real time Scenario Most of the businessmen operating in SME sector in Pakistan are blaming government for not providing adequate infrastructure required for smooth business operations and expansions. Sky rocket prices of patrol and transportation and unavailability of electricity is not less than a nightmare for SMEs owners. But this is the one side of […]

MGT502 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Usman wants to be a manager. He enjoyed his courses of accounting, marketing and finance. Each course provided with clear-cut answers to the questions. Now his professor of “Organizational Behavior” course is saying that there are no particular answers when it comes to managing people. Usman is very perplexed because he is thinking that if he […]

MGT401 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Professionals’ Group Associates (PGA) – a professional promoter has recently conducted a test for its yearly recruitment. In the test, one of the questions was about the name of a prime document providing the status of the “members’ liability” in any company working in Pakistan. This document along with other documents is required for the […]

MGT411 VU GDB Solution Fall 2012

The Case:  Suppose you go to the market and purchase some goods using your credit card issued by your bank. Definitely the bank is providing you this facility in return for some profit. Keeping in view the core principles of money and banking, please explain, who is paying the extra money to the bank for providing this facility: […]