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CS605 Software Engineering-II Mid Term Paper Fall 2013

CS605 Software Engineering 2 70 % MCQs was from past papers and quizzes Subjective Part: Two Characteristics of Risk Difference between measure and metric Proactive and Reactive Approach of Risk management Build or Buy, Diagram was given, we have to identify either to build or buy? Usability ke mutaliq question tha ke usability use karein […]

CS504 Midterm Spring 2013 Papers 27 May

Classify krna tha dynamic and static diagrams k name given the. Classes given thin association ,inhertitance and aggregation ka btana tha. Opinion pocha tha sequence and collaboration diagram me se konsi better hai ? Agr kisi object k attribute me aik object declare ho tu kia relationship ho gi? Sequence diagram me destruction of object […]

CS601 Midterm Spring 2013 Papers 25 May

Total quetions 59. MCQs = 50 What kind of arithmetic is used to add segments in checksum generator and checker? [2] Where Extreme High Frequency is used? [2] Find LCR for followin: [3] 10101010 10011000 10100011 What is Ethernet Switch? [3] Write names of different types of noise in medium. [3] A computer using a sliding window of size 7. Complete […]

IT430 Midterm Spring 2013 Papers 25 May

1. At the end of all process what will be variable t contain Var S1=”made” Var S2=”U” Var S3=”and me” t =Si+”4”+S2+S3 2marks 2. Suppose there is applet at “http//www.vu.edu.pk/demo.class” write code to include this applet in your browser page 2marks 3. How would you change a date “MyDate” to one week later? 3marks 4. Note on Application Gate […]