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MGT201 Financial Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

Suppose, you are working as an investment consultant in a consultancy firm and most of your clients are habitual investors, who are maintaining their own portfolios comprising of various combinations of stocks and bonds. Mr. Zahid, a habitual investor comes to you for consulting about adding one more potential investing option to his existing portfolio. Currently, as per your analysis, there are […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Dia Mir Bhasha dam is located on Indus River, about 315 km upstream of Tarbela Dam, 165 km downstream of the Northern Area capital Gilgit and 40 km downstream of Chilas. The dam will impound 15% of the annual river flow. The dam project would cover an area o f 110 km and extend 100 […]

CS609 GDB Solution Spring 2012

Suppose, you are employed at ABC Company and working on project to manufacture a Hardware storage device that can only store characters from A to Z (in capitals). You are assigned the task to design/suggest an encoding scheme for data storage. The objective is to optimally utilize available space. You may design your own encoding scheme or choose one among different available […]

CS609 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Assignment                                                                   Part a)  05 Marks You have studied in this course that Tracks are the circular division of the disk and the Sectors are […]