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CS602 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

Suppose, if a position vector X is represented by [x y z 1] and for a stated scenario the values of variable are x=6, y=3, and z=5 respectively . You are required to apply the following transformation operation in a sequence. Translate by 8, -5, 7 in x, y, and z respectively. Rotate by +55° […]

CS501 Advance Computer Architecture Assignment 4 Spring 2013

Question: Marks 20 Keeping in view the stages of pipelining, explain X3, Y3, Z4 and Z5 registers. Addresses Instructions 100 sub r1, r2, r3 104 ld r5, [5(r7) 108 br r6 112 str r4, 56 … 200 Further you are required to explain how the given SRC (Simple RISC computers) code will be executed through the five stages of a pipelined processor. […]